7-day Great Wall Backpacking Trek from the Ocean

TOUR 7A: A week-long trekking to explore on the ancient wall from Old Dragon's Head to Beijing

In this tour, we will start from the Old Dragon Head in Hebei province, the eastern starting point of the Ten-thousand-li Great Wall, to Huangyaguan Pass in Tianjin, and trek on to Simatai, Jinshanling and Gubeikou in Beijing, and finally Jiankou and Mutianyu Great Wall. The sections of the Wall you will visit are typical in architecture, scenery, wildness, and military importance. The total length we will trek in the trip is about 60km. Some part of the wall is too broken to walk, please prepared to experience some hardship on the way. You have the chance to visit and explore beautiful sections of the Great Wall that most people will never see.

TOUR 7A: Off-the-beaten from the Ocean

Highlights of the Trek

* If you are looking for breathtaking views with a relatively peaceful walk, then the Jinshanling-West Simatai Great Wall hike is perfect for you. You’ll also get breathtaking views of the sunset from the vantage point of the Great Wall. This will without a doubt be one of the highlights of your entire China trip!

* You’ll have the option of sleeping overnight in one of the watchtowers of the Great Wall, which is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Watch the sunrise and sunset from the best seat in the house!

* Visit the Qing Tombs, the resting place of China’s last ruling dynasty

* Huangyaguan Pass is designed to be a composite of the Great Wall, therefore it’s like seeing the whole Great Wall of China in a fraction of the time!

* Our program we’ll conclude with a trek from Jiankou to Mutianyu, which also features restored and natural Great Wall as well as a toboggan ride!



7-day Great Wall Trekking Itinerary

Day 1: Old Dragon's Head


We will make the 4-hour drive to the Old Dragon's Head and Shanhaiguan Pass, the First Pass Under the Heaven. We will start our hike at Old Dragon’s Head, also known as Laolongtou.

We will enter the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum, where we will learn about the history and military strategy of this section of wall, as well as displaying military relics. After dinner, you will tour the Old Town of Shanhaiguan. 


Meals: B, L, D 

Accommodation: Shanghaiguan Hotel or similar

Day 2: Jiaoshan


The Jiaoshan Peak is two miles away from Shanghaiguan. Though relatively diminutive in size, this is the first actual mountain the Great Wall passes heading west, and so is known as “the first mountain of the Great Wall.” Jiaoshan ancient wall provides you a sense of historical vicissitude. The wall appears more and more crumbled and deformed as you forge ahead. We will drive to Dongjiakou Great Wall and overnight there. 

Walk: 9 kms

Hours: 4


Meals: B, L, D 

Accommodation: Shanghaiguan Hotel or similar

Day 3: East Qing Tombs to Huangyaguan


We will make the short trip to the East Qing Tombs.  which is among the finest, best-preserved and largest of the extant tomb complexes in China. Five emperors, four empresses, five imperial concubines, and one princess are arrayed based on the traditional concept of placing the most senior and most distinguished in the center.

We will also walk the Huangyaguan Great Wall and the fortress where there is a Bagua pattern, a specially designed labyrinth designed to confuse and entrap the enemy.  


Meals: B, L, D 

Accommodation: Huangyaguan Hotel or similar

Day 4: Peace Fort to Huangyaguan and Sky Ladder


Today we'll start with Peace Fort (Taipingzhai) that starts from Banlagang Mountain in the east and arriving at Guafu Tower (Widow Tower) in the west. There are six watch towers, one battlement, and one shortcut leading to the wall. 

Waking westward, we will get to the steepest segment of this section, the Huangya Sky Ladder. Stretching to the top of the ridge, this long stairway seemingly leads to the sky. Climbing over the ladder, we will reach the primitive Great Wall built in the Northern Qi Dynasty, marking the end of the  Huangyaguan section. 

We will drive to Jinshanling to sleep tonight. 

Walk: 8.5 kms

Hours: 4


Meals: B, L, D 

Accommodation: Huangyaguan Hotel or similar

Day 5: Jinshanling to West Simatai


Our hike will start from Simatai, and we will make our way west along the wall into Jinshanling. This is the classic Great Wall that hikers are very thrilled about.  wall enthusiasts have done. The Wall runs from deteriorated wild state to the restored in the end to allow hikers to compare the differences between the two wall status. 

Tonight, we will camp on the Great Wall in an ancient watchtower. 


Meals: B, L, D 

Accommodation: Camping on the Wall

Day 6: Gubeikou-Jinshanling


Gubeikou is mostly Wild Wall. It was first built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557) and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty  (1368-1644). Stretching for about 25 miles (40 kilometers), there are 172 watchtowers, 14 beacon towers, 16 passes, 3 water passes, 3 barbarians, and 6 fortresses along it. 

In 1933, Chinese army fought against Japanese invasion troops at Gubeikou.  In the four-month-long battles, over 5,000 Japanese soldiers were killed while 9,000 Chinese soldiers died.  You can see that Gubeikou is not merely a relic but it remained as a battlefield in modern world. 

We will return to Beijing in late afternoon. 


Meals: B, L,D

Day 7 Jiankou-Mutianyu


From Jiankou we will cross over onto Mutianyu, a section of the Wall that has been largely restored. Although it has gotten a face-lift, it avoids the army of tourists that plague Badaling. Mutianyu offers some breathtaking views of the valley and wall below, and if you look to your right you’ll see a large sign engraved in the side of the mountain encouraging you to “Cherish the teachings of Chairman Mao.” Mutianyu has also become popular for visiting foreign leaders and celebrities.


We will end our 7-day trip this afternoon. 

Walk: 11 kms

Hours: 4


Meals: B, L, 

Complimentary Airport Drop-off


We will transfer you to the airport from your hotel in Beijing for free. It's our appreciation to you for having chosen us for your lifetime Great Wall experience. 

Food on the Road


Have a food allergy or restricted diet? Just let us know and we'll make sure there are meal options available to you. 

Price Structure

1 person: US$3189

2 persons: US$1639 pp

3 persons: US$1619 pp

4-5 persons: US$1439 pp

6-9 persons: US$1309 pp

10+ persons: US$1229 pp

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Holiday discounts, seasonal discounts, and other special discounts available


Write us your story of this 7-day trek by detailing your activities day by day. Send to us for a review. We will reward you up to US$200 cash. 


* Personal transfers from and to hotel
* Entry fees to the Great Wall
* One-night camping on the Great Wall
* Accommodation of 5 other nights in local hostels or farmer's courtyards
* 7 lunches, 6 dinners and 6 breakfasts
* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide
* Complimentary airport or train station pickup
* Free membership discount card for future tours
* A credit of USD30 for your next tour with us 



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