Great Wall camping at Huanghuacheng

TOUR 2GC1: Flat Rate Great Wall Hiking & Camping

Route 2GC1: Flat Rate Group Hiking from Jinshanling to West Simatai and Private Camping at Gubeikou

 Guaranteed camping inside the watchtower!

 A few agents claim they can do so, but that's not true. What they usually mean is that they may take you to camp somewhere near the Great Wall or to sleep in a guesthouse. Not us. For each participant (even children), we pay a hefty relic preserving fee to the Great Wall administration office. This fee allows you to camp on the Great Wall legally and safely. Great Wall Adventure Club is the only company approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping to international guests. That is what sets us apart from other operators.

"We did not book our trip ahead of time and were only in Beijing for 2 days. This seemed to be the only company that we were able to book the day before. The price was comparable to most all others and reviews seemed good, so we gave it a shot. I would say that our overall experience was beyond our expectations and our phenomenal guide is the reason to say so. I would highly recommend this company." - Andy M., customer experienced in June, 2019  



* If you are looking for breathtaking views with a relatively more affordable walk, then this hike will be right up your alley! Great deal for solo travelers or those who are on budget.

* Catch stunning views and meet NO crowds on great rolling terrain.

* 3-3.5 hours of walking on the Great Wall with a distance of roughly 6 kms.

* Walk from the restored part to the original wide side.

* Camp on the Great Wall at night to experience what the ancient warriors could do. 

* Flat rate program in English

* Group size varies from 5 people to 35 people depending on the signups of each day 

* Lunch, dinner and breakfast are included. 

* Extended hours of hiking available with additional fees

* Last-minute signup is OK, even past the midnight. There is NO deadline

* Available every day!


Original: $239

Limited Time Discounts: 

15% off for the 1st guest and 2nd guest; 

20% off for the 3rd guest or after


Extra 2 hours of hiking at Gubeikou on Day 2: Add $39

Extra 4.5 extra hours of hiking from Gubeikou to Jinshanling on Day 2: Add $99




Day 1: Hike the Magnificent Jinshanling and West Simatai Great Wall  

Between 6:30 am and 7:30 am, you will be picked up from your hotel by your English-speaking guide and driver if you are staying in a hotel within the 2nd Ring Road. Otherwise, you will meet us in the Chaoyangmen Subway Station to board the bus for today's tour. From Chaoyangmen, we will make the approximate 2.5-hour drive to the Great Wall at Jinshanling.  

The group is usually 20-25 in summer and 10-15 in lower seasons. But only you from the group will continue to camp today. The rest of the group will return to Beijing after the hiking. You will enjoy private camping. 

Today's hike takes about 3.5 hours at Jinshanling and across to West Simataior called "Second Valley," also a part of Jinshanling. 

The Great Wall at Jinshanling is one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall with many original features. It got its name because it was built on the Greater and Lesser Jinshan ('Gold Mountain') Ranges. 

It is one of the most representative sections of the Great Wall of China and is called "the essence of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty" by experts. Because of its dangerous terrain, broad vision, rigorous fortification, and majestic architecture, it enjoys the reputation of "Great Wall, Jinshan's unique show." Jinshanling is 700 meters above sea level, and the mountains look like mountains in the north, Simatai Reservoir looks like a mirror in the east, and Miyun Reservoir sparkles in the south. The Great Wall relies on the mountains for risks and the ups and downs between the mountains and rivers. The Jinshanling Great Wall transforms different scenery throughout the year. The undulating ancient walls of the Great Wall are astonishingly beautiful.

Upon reaching the gate of "the Second Valley" (east gate of Jinshanling), you have officially completed today's hiking. We will treat you with a gourmet lunch in a local restaurant. Soon, our local support staff from our Gubeikoucamping base will meet you in the restaurant and transfer you to Gubeikou where you will relax and have a chance to watch the beautiful sunset. Toward evening, we will treat you with a country-style dinner in our camping base, a family-owned hostel. After dinner, our friendly support employee will set the camp for you to sleep on the Great Wall.  

Day 2: Watching the Beautiful Sunrise 

Waking up at about 5 am in the summer, or 6:30 am in the winter, you will meet the magnificent sunrise from the Great Wall. Take a lot of pictures and videos!  

After having continental breakfast, our local support staff will send you to the bus terminal at Gubei Watertown where you will take the express bus to Dongzhimen Bus Terminal of Beijing. Follow the instruction on this page, you can transfer to Subway Line 2 to go bakc to your hotel or take Airport Express to catch your flight.   


Optional Extended Hikes on Day 2  

Don't want to go back to Beijing so soon? Paying an extra $39, you can walk the Gubeikousection where you have just camped for two hours and return to Beijing at 10 am.  

You can also choose to walk from Gubeikou to Jinshanling and take the bus at noon for 4.5 hours. You will walk with a local guide who has assisted you with the camping last night. The fee is $99.


Great Wall Group Hiking and Private Camping INCLUSIONS

* Full scale English-guided day hike of 3.5 hours at Jinshanling, Great Wall

* The privilege of camping on the Great Wall and exclusive access to the camping watch tower

* All necessary camping gears such as tents & bags

* Entry fees to the Great Wall

* Lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day

* Transport from Beijing to the Great Wall

* Bus ticket to Beijing from the Watertown

* Bottled water

Great Wall hiking at lakeside Great Wall

Great Wall Hiking and Camping Map

Meeting Direction and Last-minute Signup

Please keep in mind that our meeting time is 7:20 am. We have a dedicated page for the meeting point pictures and its location on the Beijing subway map. 

This tour does NOT have a deadline of signup. If you sign up at the midnight, you are fine. Simply show up by 7:20 at Chaoyangmen Station and claim your booking with Great Wall Adventure Club to your guide James. James will report to our office about your participation. Please bring enough cash in CNY.   

Return Station: Dongzhimen Bus Terminal 

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