Should you plan change and cancel your booking 60 days or more before your departure date, you will receive a credit up to 5% of your current offer, valid for up to five years from the date of cancellation. If you cancel for any reason due to sickness or other job or family change but do plan to travel on a later date within the next five years, you can have us keep your deposit as your credit. At the time of when you are ready to travel, we'll credit you 10% back in the form of a cash refund.


Traveling to China is not easy. The weather, transportation, food, and culture are very different from international tourists. If you get sick or hurt, if you need to cancel due to inclement weather, if your luggage is lost or stolen, or if you miss the flight or train, your insurance plan will be your remedy. When the unforeseen occurs, you can rely upon travel insurance coverage to help make points right.  

In the past years, we have seen below occurrences:

1) A couple had to return home in Seattle because the wife slipped and got her hand and ankle hurt in a hotel the first night they arrived in China.

2) A mother and her 13-year old daughter from Nevada arrived in Beijing. The daughter got a strong allergy to air pollution, so they had to return home the next day.

3) A pregnant woman from Louisanna had to go to the hospital in Beijing immediately for an obstetric emergency in Beijing. She and her husband stayed in the hospital for 12 days. 

4) A family of six had to return to Texas because the father's company requested him to return immediately due to a product recall. 

5) A family was refused to enter China at the Beijing Airport because they were not aware they would have to have Chinese visas. They had to return to the U.S. immediately.  

Fortunately, they got valuable travel coverages. Great Wall Adventure Club endorsed their claims by preparing the documents of their tour cost or proof of purchase. A lady was proactive in her planning of cruise travel to Asia and bought 'cancel for any reason' travel insurance when her China trip had to be canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak. She got all the money back from the cruise company.  

Great Wall Adventures have partnered with the below two best insurance companies in the United States and China to offer you a travel insurance for a safe and hassle-free. Please click the links to learn more about their offers and make your choice. 

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China People's Insurance (PICC)

For all international travelers

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