Itinerary of Beijing-Xian Overnight Train Tour

One-day Beijing Express Tour to Terracotta Warriors, Army and Horse Museum (TOUR CODE: P-BJXIAN-OV )

Day 1 : Beijing-Xian by overnight train Z19 (20:43-next day 07:58 am) or T43 (19:50-next day 8:34 am)

You'll go to Beijing West station where will you will catch the overnight train to Xian. You will have a soft sleeper room, where the either train has 4 people sharing one cabin and the T43 has or 2 people sharing a luxury cabin and private bathroom. You can decide which type of cabin you will choose (Private cabin is twice the price of shared cabin). You will arrive the next morning in Xian, China's ancient capital and home to the Terracotta Warriors. 

Day 2 :Xian-Beijing by overnight train Z20 (19:55-next day 07:10 am) or T56 (19:00-next day 8:29 am) (B, L, D) 


The Eternal Romance of the Terracotta Warriors

 "Qin Shi Huang drank mercury, thinking it would give him eternal life."
- BBC, April 12, 2017

Upon arrival at the Xian train station you will be met by your travel guide and you will be taken to a local restaurant for a hot breakfast.

We'll then drive an hour outside the city to see Xian’s greatest attraction, and one of the greatest sites in all of China, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is the result of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century.  

After pausing for lunch at a nearby restaurant, we’ll the drive back to Xian. Once we’re back in Xian you’ll get a chance to walk or take a bike ride around Xian's still functioning City Wall. Xian is one of the few Chinese cities that still has its city wall intact. 

For dinner, you will enjoy a splendid dumpling banquet of all shapes and sizes in downtown Xian, and afterwards you will be taken to the train station where you will make the ride back to Beijing. You will have a soft sleeper room with choice of shared cabinet or luxury cabin. 


Day 3 : Arrive in Beijing

After arriving back in Beijing you'll take a taxi to go back to your hotel, thus ending your tour.


Z19/T43, Soft-sleeper Train from Beijing to Xi'an  
Z20/T44, Soft-sleeper Train from Xian to Beijing

1. The overnight sleeper train is NOT a bullet train. It is a regular express train. It leaves Beijing at 20:43 and arrives in Xian at 7:58, so it is 11 hours and 15 minutes.
2. We will only place you in a private compartment for two berths with private bathroom. These are called deluxe compartments available at higher price for USD135/ticket. Private half-bath is only available in deluxe compartments. Regular compartment has NO private bath and contains four berths, so you will share the bathrooms with others in the same carriage.
3. There is no delay under most weather conditions. Chinese trains are run on time perfectly.
4. Passport photocopy is required to book a ticket.

5. Advanced ticket booking with passengers' ID information is required.

Included in Our Service Package

1) Train tickets;

2) Local train station transfers in Xian;

3) Lunch and special dinner (the Dumpling Banquet);

4) Tickets to the Terracotta Museum and the City Wall;

5) English-speaking guide;

6) Professional driver in Xian;

7) Private car in Xian.

Optional Service

Beijing train station transfers

 On budget? We have Terracotta Warriors daily group tour for only $79.  


· Visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the greatest archaeological find in recent memory
· Walk upon Xian's still-standing ancient city wall, a magnificent achievement in human engineering.
· For those with a tight schedule, this is an excellent way to experience one of China’s most popular and amazing attractions.

· You can continue traveling to Chengdu (Home of the Pandas) by the bullet train at end of this tour. You can also leave for any other any other domestic or international destination such as Tibet or Shanghai or Hong Kong.

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