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When it comes to your China trip, we are more than just a Great Wall tour provider. Once the Great Wall trek is completed we can connect you with a number of incredible adventure tours in China. We can organize anything, from a quest along the Silk Road in western China, a visit to the tropical jungles and villages of Yunnan, and even a hike in Tibet. We also can organize sightseeing for any city in China, be it Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an or Chengdu (the home of the giant pandas). The choice is yours, as we can customize any type of tour for our UK and US partners.  

We can introduce participants to programs on Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine, cooking, acupuncture, calligraphy, or any other aspect of Chinese culture that participants are keen to learn. In the recent years, we also took the students to  the two largest automakers in China - Shanghai GM and Shanghai Volkswagen and visit their assembly lines in Shanghai.

In addition to sightseeing, we can cover all aspects of your China experience. Hotels, hostels, flights, trains and other logistical concerns are our specialty, so leave the hard work, planning and worrying to us. We know the ins and outs of China travel, and you can reap the full benefits of our experience. Once you get in touch with us we can customize and tailor a unique China experience that is 100% exactly what you're looking for.

 "Really can’t say thank you enough for the help and experience you guys have given us this week, we really couldn’t have done it without you! I know all the guys loved the attitude you guys have it made everyone smile hearing those ‘always up’, every morning! Everyone we have met at The Great Wall etc has been so friendly and welcoming and I only wish I know some Chinese! Keep up your good sense of humor and keep on your knowledge and I know every other group will love you guys too! "

- Lizzie, UK Participant, Summer 2012

 Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping. 


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