TOUR 2DC: Lakeside Great Wall Hiking and Camping

Route 2DC2: Enjoy the stunning views from the Great Wall and camp on the Great Wall at night

 Guaranteed camping inside the watchtower!

A few agents claim they can do so, but that's not true. What they usually mean is that they may take you to camp somewhere near the Great Wall or to sleep in a guesthouse. Not us. For each participant (even children), we pay a hefty relic preserving fee to the Great Wall administration office. This fee allows you to camp on the Great Wall legally and safely. Great Wall Adventure Club is the onlycompany approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping to international guests. That's what sets us apart from other operators. Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping


Once-in-a-life experience of sleeping on the Great Wall, which only ancient warriors could do in history. You'll camp on a watchtower surrounded by the Wall on the mountain and by the lake!  

On this hike, you will get the best of the wild and dramatic unrestored "Wild Wall," making the walk much more interesting by enjoying the silence and peace in the mountains.  

Weather permitting, meet the sunset and sunrise at the Great Wall from your hiking and camping, catching the unique views that only can be done by hiking and camping in this world heritage site.  

Perfect for those who have tight schedules in Beijing. If you have a flight or train to catch the next day, we will be happy to drop you off directly from the Great Wall with a modest fee.  

Perfect for those who wish to experience more from camping for one night in the watchtower.

One of the most affordable camping with a full day hiking (4 hours)programs in our 2-day overnight adventure category.

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Day 1: Hike the Great Wall from Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu along the lake for 4 hours. Meet the sunset and camp in a watchtower.  

At noon in summer or at 10 am in winter, your guide will pick you up from your hotel. You will head for Huanghuacheng (or Huanghua Great Wall). The drive usually takes 2 hours.  

Going to the HuanghuachengGreat Wall, you have four things to do, at least. First, you should take photos. Since the lake breaks this section of the Great Wall into three segments naturally, its uniqueness might surprise you. And the Huanghuacheng Reservoir lies here, shaped like a curved moon. Second, go to visit the chestnut garden under the Great Wall, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. The ancient chestnut trees still grow very well. Third, climb up the steepest section of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Shibadeng. It is like a dragon, ready to fly into the blue sky. Fourth, look at Yaoziyu Castle. It was built in the Ming Dynasty, still well preserved. In the castle, there is an ancient Chinese scholar tree. It is said that touching it could bring you a blessing.

The highest point of the Wall is a broken watchtower, and from there, you will have a broad panoramic view of the whole valley. From this summit the Wall dives steeply downwards into the valley. Over the top of the passageway is another watchtower where we will rest a short while before continuing. On the inside of the gate, you will notice three significant characters carved in the stone, indicating the name of the village – ZhuangDaoKou. On the outside is written the name of the passageway - "ZhenNuPass," - meaning "Defeat to Invaders," a warning to potential attackers in ancient times.

From here, we will continue to trek westward, climbing towards the broken Wall to our destination, a peak overlooking Xishuiyu Lake. From our vantage point, we will see a real treat, the broken Wall running underwater! From this point, the Wall is in too bad a condition to walk, so we will follow a delightful mountain trail to Xishuiyu village to descend.  

We will go to the farm called "Times of the Ancient Pass" where we will have a gourmet country-style Chinese dinner. All the vegetables are planted here, and all the poultry is raised here locally.  

Upon sunset arrives, you may walk for just 10 minutes back to the Wall to catch the magnificent views from a watchtower. When it is dark, you will walk for only 10 minutes back to the tower where you will spend the night camping.  


Day 2 Watching the Beautiful and Inspiring Sunrise  

Waking up at about 5 am in the summer or 6:30 am in the winter, you will meet the magnificent sunrise from the Great Wall. Take a lot of pictures and videos!

After having a continental breakfast, you will return to Beijing or go to the airport or train station to catch your next trip. The inbound traffic to Beijing in the morning is relatively smooth, you will get back to your hotel around 9 am.  

Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping.  


"We had to book our trip with them last minute and they were awesome! We had a group of 20 young adults and everyone had an amazing time. The hike area was so beautiful and we got to hike for about 3 hours. They picked us up from your hotel, drove us to the Wall, did the hike, provided dinner and breakfast, provided camping gear (which we didn't have the pack with us- we camped near a village, so we pick up our gear there and carried it the 100 meters to the Wall), camped on the Wall, watched the sunrise and then they drove us back. They gave us a great student discount and our guide spoke English and was funny - Aaron is the best :) Seriously we could not be more pleased with how this experience turned out!"

-Becca Smith, experienced on September 13, 2019. Riviewed on TripAdvisor




Camping on the Wall for the Sunrise. INCLUDED:

* Personal transfers from and to hotel in Beijing

* Entry fees to the Great Wall

* One dinner and one breakfast 

* The privilege of camping on the Great Wall and exclusive access to the camping watch tower

* All necessary camping gears such as tents, sleeping bags, and mats

* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide

* Free membership card

* A credit of $10 when you reserve the next tour with us



Private or Semi-private English Tour including private transfers, tickets, camping setup, and meals. Your guide will walk with you for every step from hotel pickup to drop-off and on the Great Wall! 

1 person: $499

2 people: $289 each

3 people: $269 each

4 people: $249 each

5 people: $229 each

6 people: $219 each

7 people: $219 each

8 or more: $199 each


Private or Semi-private tour but with our local Chinese-speaking guide who can use translation apps. You'll have the professional transfer service with our driver and car and friendly assistance from local support team. Everything is the same as the Platinum Package except that you pay less.

Please contact us for the prices.


Seniors, children, veterans and students will receive additional discounts.  For other discounts or promotions, please request through the form below or visit our Facebook page


Great Wall Camping Trip Map

Where are we going?

The red-shade is the area where this tour covers. We will drive about 2 hours on a highway from Beijing to the Great Wall. Typically we will leave at 10:30 am from your hotel. The place we go is the same as our 1D day hike. The difference is with 2HC2, you will be camping on the Great Wall and return the next day. 

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