Sunset & Sunrise Hiking Tours on the Great Wall

Sunset & Sunrise Hiking Programs

1S1 Jiankou-Mutianyu Sunset Hike


Going up to the peak at Jiankou for the truly breathtaking scenery, tackling the steep staircase, hike onto Mutianyu. 

And, do it during the sunset! 


1S2 Gubeikou-Jinshanling Sunset Hike


Walk through 27 watchtower on old brick-made steps, drinking in the history of the history of these 500 years old Great Wall, enjoying the beauty of the sunset! 


1S3 Jinshanling-Simatai Sunset Hike


The steep, crumbling staircases and watchtowers provide a fitting introduction to the enormity of he challenge ahead. And, see them during the sunset! 


1S4 Imperial Sunset - Forbidden City and Jinshanling


Spend the morning with Beijing's iconic attractions of the Forbidden City and Bird Nest. Catch the sunset at Jinshanling, Great Wall. 


0A: Mutianyu Sunset Hike Starting in the Afternoon


Leaving Beijing between noon and 2 pm, you will meet with the sunset on the Great Wall at Mutianyu and take the stunning views home with your camera, 


1R1: Sunrise Hike at Jinshanling


Want to see the beautiful sunrise at the Great Wall? With an really early arrival at the Great Wall, you will witness the sunrise from the Great Wall and listen to your heartbeat in the peace. 


How We Serve You

Private or Semi-Private Tour


Our excellent English-speaking guide walks with you every step on the Wall. He/she will also meet you at your hotel and send you back to your hotel. He will help you with your meal arrangement. Sometimes, you can join a small group for a semi-private tour and save. 

Self-guided Tour


For economic reason or more privacy, you will by yourselves or a local support staff member without an English-speaking guide. Our professional drivers and our local support staff will assist you with the camping setup.  

Group or Coach Tour


Sometimes you may call it a bus tour. The tour group consists of guests living in different hotels. Your will pay a low group rate for a wonderful experience with others together. Currently, only single-day tours are offered in this style. 


"Amazing Sunset Tour on the Jinshanling Wall"

 " We have just come back from our private tour on the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall organised by The Great Wall Adventure Club. 

Oliver took us to some restored and unrestored section during our 9km of hiking, where he took the time to share China's long history with us. This tour was an athletic one, with many steps up and down over the beautiful terrain as we hiked from tower to tower. It was also a special tour excellent for keen photographers as we finished at sunset on a more rugged section of unrestored wall.

The day was perfect in all ways: we had the luck of bright skies, not too cold, a magnificent sunset and the attention of our very helpful guide, Oliver. 

I recommend this trek for those who like to enjoy the unspoilt view and photographers looking for some perfect shots of the Wall. I also really recommend Oliver as a guide for this tour and other tours he may guide on the Wall or in Beijing. "

--  xtyntravels,  Edmonton, Canada on TripAdvisor.  Date of experience: February 2016 

"I called in the evening around 7pm the day before the October 1st National Holiday. The person on the line was very courteous, spoke very good English and answered all my questions. It had rained that day so I even asked about the weather for the sunset hike and he said it would be a gamble. I took the gamble and won!! When I heard the price I thought maybe it was a little expensive, but trust me it is not. If you rent just a car alone and no guide it is half your cost. But with no guide you can get easily lost. This company is the best bet and your tour is a private tour. Trust me, book the private tour if you can afford it. It is well worth it. 

Trust me, Jinshanling to Gubeikou with the sunset at Gubeikou is well worth it. The walk was moderately fast. We reached Gubeikou just as the sun was setting and spent some time watching the night fall. It was amazing and romantic. Night fell as we walked back and it was very nice to also see the stars. 

Lastly, I highly recommend The Great Wall Adventure Club to anyone wanting a great experience to see the Great Wall."

--  s j,  American living in Beijing. on TripAdvisor. Date of experience: October 2015 

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