TOUR 2B: Lakeside Great Wall Camping

Route 2B: Two-day Great Wall hiking from Huanghua Cheng Lakeside Great Wall to Xishuiyu, and from Jiankou to Mutianyu, the four most photogenic portions of the Great Wall of China!

Guaranteed camping inside the watchtower!

A few agents claim they can do so, but that's not true. What they usually mean is that they may take you to camp somewhere near the Great Wall or to sleep in a guesthouse. Not us. For each participant (even children), we pay a hefty relic preserving fee to the Great Wall administration office. This fee allows you to camp on the Great Wall legally and safely. Great Wall Adventure Club is the onlycompany approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping to international guests. That is what sets us apart from other operators. Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping.  


This program starts at Huanghuacheng, a section of Great Wall, which in the spring and summer features lush flowers blooming, beacon towers, and even a part of the wall that runs underwater! You will camp overnight in our newest watchtower at lakeside Huanghuacheng with our modern camping facilities.  

From there, we'll drive to Jiankou, where you will embark on what is perhaps the best Great Wall hike. Jiankou, located in a small farming village, is entirely unrestored, meaning this is about as authentic an experience as you can get. You'll see some incredible ruins of watchtowers set against the surrounding hillside, making for an unforgettable hike. After a few hours, you'll cross into Mutianyu, a primarily restored portion of the Great Wall that is very popular but not as touristy as other sections. One of the most photographed parts of the Great Wall, Mutianyu has played host to world leaders and has been the scene of numerous movies.

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Day 1: Beijing-Huanhuacheng-Xishuiyu (L+D, 4.5 hrs of hiking). Camp at an ancient watchtower or the Wall around


Your guide will meet you at your hotel around 9:30 am and take you by private car or minivan to the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall. Today we will be hiking about 10km/6miles. When you reach the middle of the wall, you will be able to witness the lush yellow flowers blooming (during the late spring and early summer) in the surrounding countryside. On this section of the wall, you will pass by many forts, beacon-towers, and guard towers, including Yaoziyu Fort, which is the best-preserved. Today’s hike, while not very long, is quite unusual; part of the wall is underwater! The name of this body of water is called Jintag lake, and the water is cold and clear, being fed by numerous springs.  

After the hike, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner in a restaurant called “The Ancient Path” certified by Great Wall Adventure Club where chefs cook with organic poultry they breed locally and vegetables planted in their yard. You’ll go up and camp in a very preserved ancient watchtower or the Wall around it. This camping site is our newest with new camping gears and better support. You'll be able to spend the night on the Great Wall under the glow of the stars.  

Day 2 Jiankou-Mutianyu-Beijing (B+L, 4 hrs of hiking)  

If you elect to spend the night camping, we’ll be sure to wake up early in order to catch the sunrise over the Great Wall, so be sure to have your cameras ready!  

The hiking today will cover about 10km/6miles. The Jiankou section is known for its ruggedness and wild beauty, and you will be in awe of the marvelous views it affords. Be sure to see the watchtower known as “Eagle on the peak”, this tower is extremely high and forms the highest reaching point of the Jiankou section. This is the pinnacle of exotic Great Wall scenery.

From Jiankou you will cross over onto Mutianyu, a section of the wall that has been largely restored. Although it has gotten a face-lift, it avoids the army of tourists that plague Badaling.  

Mutianyu offers some breathtaking views of the valley and wall below, and if you look to your right you’ll see a large sign engraved in the side of the mountain encouraging you to “Cherish Chairman Mao”. Mutianyu is often visited by leaders of foreign countries.  

You can hike down to the parking lot, or take a toboggan (highly recommended, and lots of fun! extra fee.) down to meet our driver. We will then have a lunch at a local restaurant. After that, we'll  drive back to Beijing and drop you off at your hotel.  

Back home, you'll then need to upload all the fantastic pictures you recorded on your Great Wall trek!  

Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping




* Personal transfers from and to hotel 

* Entry fees to the Great Wall

* Two lunches, one dinner and one breakfast (delivered to your watchtower)

* The privilege of camping on the Great Wall and exclusive access to the camping watch tower

* All necessary camping gears such as tents & bags

* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide

* Free membership card

* A credit of $10 when you reserve the next tour with us


1 solo trip: $699

2 people: $389 each

3 people: $369 each

4 people: $339 each

5 people: $319 each

6 people: $289 each

7 people: $269 each

8 or more: $249 each


Seniors, children, veterans and students will receive additional discounts.  For other discounts or promotions, please request through the form below or visit our Facebook page


Great Wall Hiking and Camping Map

Where are we going?

The red-shade is the area where this tour covers. We will drive about 2 hours on a highway from Beijing to the Great Wall. Typically we will leave at 9-9:30 am from your hotel.

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