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2AA: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Camping-Jiankou-Mutianyu

Two-day Overnight Camping & Hiking Tour to Great Wall from the famous battlefield Gubeikou to Jinshanling, and from Jiankou to Mutianyu. Enjoy your breakfast in watchtower with free delivery!


This program allows you to experience the two best Great Wall hikes at the Great Wall's most popular and photogenic sections. This hike starts at Gubeikou, an unrestored section of "wild" Great Wall. You'll then cross over into Jinshanling, which features magnificent watchtowers and grand watchtowers. You will be amazed at how the Great Wall snakes and winds its way across the countryside here. You'll spend the night to the tent in the watchtower called The General's Tower, and the next morning you will swing to Jiankou, which like Gubeikou, is in its natural state. The ruins here are highly dramatic! After hiking through Jiankou, you'll come to Mutianyu, which is in many ways similar to Jinshanling, as it is a more restored section of Great Wall. The 22km's distance on the Wall will take us about 10-11 hours of hiking.

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Guaranteed camping inside the watchtower!


A few agents claim they can do so, but that's not true. What they usually mean is that they may take you to camp somewhere near the Great Wall or to sleep in a guesthouse. Not us. For each participant (even children), we pay a hefty relic preserving fee to the Great Wall administration office. This fee allows you to camp on the Great Wall legally and safely. Great Wall Adventure Club is the only company approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping to international guests. That's what sets us apart from other operators.Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping.  

Customer Review

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Oliver and the Great Wall Adventure Club. I have high expectations when we travel, probably like many of you, so it's easy to be disappointed. However, Oliver far exceeded my expectations. We spent four days hiking on the wall, including one night of camping. Every single hour of the four days was spectacular. It's definitely a doozy of an adventure, leaving us feeling like we've earned our wonderful home cooked Chinese meals. 

Seriously, if you are debating on spending the money to do this, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you that you'd be crazy not to do it. We've been to 40 countries, and this experience is on the top of the list." 

-- Susanna, TripAdvisor, Experienced July 2019

Day 1- Itinerary

Great Wall at Jinshanling hiking

Gubeikou-Jinshanling (9 kms, 4.5-5 hours of hiking)

9:30 am: We will pick you up from your hotel and drive directly to the Gubeikousection of the Great Wall, where we will begin our two-day hike on the Wall. It is 2.5 hours of driving.

Today we will hike for around ten km/6 miles. Gubeikou is covered with over 140 watchtowers, all differing in size and design. From the Wall here, you will be able to witness how the wall twists and winds along with the steep mountain ranges. That is as dramatic a view on the Great Wall as you'll find.  

The JinshanlingGreat Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while 1/4 of it is restored, is allowing you to have a more intimate experience with the Wall.  This afternoon, you'll watch the sunset while walking along the Wall.   

Then we'll take you to have a gorgeous Chinese countryside style dinner served by a local housewife. Before it gets dark, we'll go up to the mountain and sleep overnight in a watch tower.  We'll prepare the necessary camping facilities including tents and sleeping bags so you don't have to bring anything but yourself. Here it is the sound sleeper's paradise - let the mountain valley and the Great Wall echo your snoring sound!


Meals: Lunch & Dinner in the local restaurants

Bottled Water: Unlimited 

Accommodations: Camping at Gubeikou Great Wall

If camping is not your choice, you may overnight in a home inn at the foot of the Great Wall. 

Day 2 - Itinerary

Great Wall hiking at Jiankou

Jiankou-Mutianyu-Beijing (9 kms, 3-4 hours of hiking)

The first thing to do today is to watch the magnificent sunrise in the early morning. After a brief breakfast, we'll drive to Jiankou and start hiking at Jiankou for Mutianyu. You'll get to a village called Xizaizhi at the bottom of Jiankou Great Wall, where we have to climb up a path for about 30 minutes to reach the Great Wall. Our hike today will take about 4 hours and will cover nine kms/6 miles. 

The Jiankousection is known for its ruggedness and wild beauty, and you will be in awe of the marvelous views it affords. As soon as we reach Jiankou, we will see a deserted watchtower that gives you a panoramic view of the entire valley. Because it is built on the Qifeng cliff on the dangerous mountain, the majesty of the Great Wall is even more apparent. The arrow buckle section can be called the essence of the Great Wall.

In the early morning, the look is priceless with its morning fog. This section of the wall is not well known by tourists, although if you see a picture of the Great Wall from exotic traveling magazines, chances are it is from Jiankou. It is the pinnacle of fascinating Great Wall scenery. This part of the wall is often empty so that you will have some peace and serenity on your hike today.  

From Jiankou, we will cross over onto Mutianyu. Among the Great Walls in Beijing, it enjoys the reputation of "the most beautiful Great Wall."Mutianyu offers some breathtaking views of the valley and wall below. On the side of the mountain, you can see a large sign engraved encouraging you to "Cherish the teachings of Chairman Mao." You can hike down to the parking lot, take a cable car, or take a toboggan ride (highly recommended, and lots of fun!) down to meet our driver. We will then have lunch at a local restaurant. We will then drive back to Beijing and drop you off at your hotel in the afternoon. 

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch in the local restaurants

Bottled Water: Unlimited


One of the following two package must fit your needs.



Private or Semi-private English Tour including private transfers, tickets, camping setup, and meals. Your guide will walk with you for every step from hotel pickup to drop-off and on the Great Wall! 


Private or Semi-private tour but with our local Chinese-speaking guide who can use translation apps. You'll have the professional transfer service with our driver and car and friendly assistance from local support team. Everything is the same as the Platinum Package except that you pay less.


Seniors, children, veterans and students will receive additional discounts. For other discounts or promotions, please request through the form below or visit our Facebook page

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For each package

Our Great Wall hiking is a private service. What this means is that you can hike on the Great Wall at any time at your convenience. If you would much rather be part of a group for the experience for economic and social reasons, we'll check to see if there are more signups for the same date as your own. We'll keep you updated whenever there are more. If you would like to keep your tour a private one, please let us know and we'll assign you a guide and driver. 


Tour Map

Where are we going?

The red-shade is the area is where this tour covers. We will drive about 2 hours on a highway from Beijing to the Great Wall. Typically we will leave at 9-9:30 am from your hotel.

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