TOUR 2HC: The Most affordable Camping at Gubeikou

Route 2HC: The most affordable and family-friendly combination of hiking and camping experience with the Great Wall of China, and  with the opportunity to come across the magnificent sunset and sunrise

 Guaranteed camping inside the watchtower!


A couple of representatives claim they can do so, yet that's not true. What they actually indicate is that they might take you to camp someplace near the Great Wall or to sleep in a guesthouse. Not us. For each participant (even kids), we pay a substantial relic preserving charge to the Great Wall administration office. This charge enables you to camp on the Great Wall lawfully as well as securely. Great Wall Surface Adventure Club is the only firm approved by the Great Wall Administration to provide outdoor camping to global guests. That is what establishes us besides various other operators. 




This concise package that combines relatively easy hiking with memorable camping on the Great Wall suits the needs of the visitors who are restricted by time or budget. No rush to wake up in the early morning to start the tour after a late arrival in Beijing, you won't lose the opportunity to taste the walking on the original and unrestored Great Wall. You will be amazed at how the Great Wall snakes and winds its way across the countryside here. Even better, the highlight of this trip is the night tenting in a famous original watchtower on the Great Wall. Tonight you will be a warrior that guards Beijing. Then the next morning, you can catch a morning flight away or take care of your business in Beijing.

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Day 1: Catching the Sunset with Hiking in the Afternoon and Camping in the Watchtower or Beacon Tower like Warriors 


11:30 am: We will meet you in your hotel lobby. Driving for 2.5 hours, you will arrive at the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall to start your hike in the afternoon. Upon entering, you will walk for 2 hours to learn the grandeur of the Great Wall of its original state. With relatively flatter terrain and zero crowds, the route we take for this short hike is relatively less challenging and suitable for seniors and young children. If you are physically healthy, you can upgrade your walk today to hike 4.5-hour hike from Gubeikou to Jinshanling for extra $49/person.  

Gubeikou was a strategic fort to protect the capital in ancient times. Gubeikou, along with the passes at Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, was a key strategic target in military campaigns since ancient times. Protecting these three passes was considered vital for keeping Beijing safe from the Mongolian nomads. The Gubeikou hike is to satisfy your curiosity about what the original Great Wall was formed and designed to keep out hostile armies and why it is strategically vital to the defense of Beijing. Even in modern wars, the Great Wall was effectively used. Gubeikou was the battlefield in 1933 when the Chinese army fought against the Japanese invasion. In the four-month-long battles, over 5,000 Japanese soldiers were killed while 9,000 Chinese soldiers died.

Serving as an essential defense in the capital's protection, this section of the Wall was built under rigorous supervision, and with strictly selected building materials. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the most magnificent, precipitous, and indestructible section of the Great Wall.

The vistas of the sinuous Wall snaking its way over the ridges of the Yanshan are breathtaking. This section of the Wall meanders through the countryside and mountains, and you will be rewarded by the scenery of this section, particularly with the fantastic sunset views. This experience will be a nature lover's delight and is also an excellent opportunity for photos.  

After viewing the sunset, you will climb down and have dinner at a nearby farm inn where you will enjoy delicious Chinese stir-fry with rice for your dinner. Then, before it gets dark, you will go up to the mountain and sleep overnight in a watchtower. We will prepare the necessary camping facilities such as sleeping bags, so you don't have to bring anything but yourself. Here it is the sound sleeper's paradise - let the mountain valley and the Great Wall echo your snoring sound. For those of you curious about Great Wall camping conditions, please be advised that camping on the Great Wall is very rugged and adventurous, and you should expect a relatively low comfort level from what you're generally used to.

Day 2 Watching the Beautiful Sunrise  

Waking up at about 5 am in the summer, or 6:30 am in the winter, you will meet the magnificent sunrise from the Great Wall. Take a lot of pictures and videos!

After having a continental breakfast, you will return to Beijing or go to the airport or train station to catch your next trip. The inbound traffic to Beijing in the morning is relatively smooth. You will get back to your hotel around 9 am.  

 Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping.  


Affordable Great Wall Hiking and Camping


Private or Semi-private English Tour including private transfers, tickets, camping setup, and meals. Your guide will walk with you for every step from hotel pickup to drop-off and on the Great Wall! 

1 solo trip: $499

2 people: $289 each

3 people: $269 each

4 people: $249 each

5 people: $229 each

6 people: $219 each

7 people: $219 each

8 or more: $199 each


* Personal transfers from and to hotel 

* Entry fees to the Great Wall

* One dinner and one breakfast

* The privilege of camping on the Great Wall and exclusive access to the camping watch tower

* All necessary camping gears such as tents & bags

* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking guide

* Free membership card

* A credit of $10 when you reserve the next tour with us


Private or Semi-private tour but with our local Chinese-speaking guide who can use translation apps. You'll have the professional transfer service with our driver and car and friendly assistance from local support team. Everything is the same as the Platinum Package except that you pay less.

Please contact us for the prices.


Seniors, children, veterans and students will receive additional discounts.  For other discounts or promotions, please request through the form below or visit our Facebook page


Trip Map

Where are we going?

The red-shade is the area where this tour covers. We will drive about 2 hours on a highway from Beijing to the Great Wall. Typically we will leave at 10:30 am from your hotel.

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