Great Wall Biking Plus Hiking at Huanghuacheng

TOUR 1D1: Huanghuacheng Great Wall biking and hiking



At about 8:30 am your English-speaking guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel, and you will be driven directly to the Xishuiyu Great Wall. In 1974 China built the Xishuiyu Reservoir, and when the water level rose, some low-lying sections of the Wall were submerged underwater. Seen from the dam of the reservoir, this stately sunken Wall is still visible under the water's smooth and glimmering surface. It is here where you will begin your bike ride. We'll let you start biking in a little-traffic country road surrounded by trees (the Great Wall itself here is not suitable for biking). You'll enjoy the breathtaking views when you ride through this road for about half of the way, and when you reach the HunaghuachengGreat Wall, you'll start seeing the Great Wall in front of you laying down the mountains. The bike ride should last for about two hours.

After that, we'll pick you up and drive for about 20 minutes to have a gourmet Chinese country-style lunch at our approved Ancient Pass Restaurant.  

Following lunch, we'll start the hiking portion of your tour by scaling up to the Hunaghuacheng Great Wall. At the Hunaghuacheng Great Wall, Because the lake breaks this section of the Great Wall into three segments naturally, its uniqueness might surprise you. The Huanghuacheng Reservoir lies here, shaped like a curved moon. From the place called Zhuangdaokou and Zhenluguan, you will walk up to the Great Wall and on the Wall for 2 hours till we see the lake. From the Wall, the lake seems quiet but huge. You will feel how amazing the views are.  

You will arrive at your Beijing hotel at approximately 5 pm. 



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Great Wall Biking Highlights


  • Take a comfortable and exhilarating bike ride through the Chinese countryside, with the Great Wall serving as the perfect backdrop.  
  • The wall on this hike includes of both restored and unrestored “Wild Wall,” which allows you to compare and contrast the wall in a way that most people can’t.
  • The “Wild Wall” section is almost devoid of tourists, allowing for a serene and intimate hike.
  • This program is great for a family day out!


Trip Map

Where are we going?

The red-shade is the area is where this tour covers. We will drive about 2 hours on a highway from Beijing to the Great Wall. Typically we will leave at 8 am from your hotel. 

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