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Beijing Downtown Discount Hotels -Deals exclusively for Great Wall Adventure Club Customers

OUR PRICE, WHICH IS ALL INCLUSIVE, INCLUDES THE 15% SERVICE SURCHARGE (all 4-5 star hotel in Beijing charge this amount) AND BREAKFASTS (about a $30-$40 value)! 

Our goal: Save your hotel costs so you can utilize your cash to have even more enjoyable with on your China experiences!

Every day, we provide unique Beijing hotel offers at prices that are just offered for Great Wall Adventure Club consumers. These chic resorts are situated in the center of the glamour and also beauty of Beijing's purchasing and also business areas, which are situated in the midtown area of the city. The hotel you will certainly remain at is as excellent if not far better than any kind of hotel in your home town.

Your GWAC hotel appointment is taken care of by our experienced traveling specialists that take place to be Chinese, so they can supply you with the ideal as well as most current info for Beijing lodging. Visitors that had actually remained in resorts we booked throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics were incredibly satisfied, as well as state it added to their excellent Olympic experience.

The cost you spend for your hotel consists of all added fees as well as charges, indicating that when you spend for your hotel, there will certainly be no out-of-pocket expenditures for you throughout your hotel remain. This consists of the 15% additional charge that resorts contribute to your expense as well as for morning meal.

Featured Hotels

  • BEIJING GOTO HOTEL (economy)

To search your hotels, we recommend We like the module or its booking system that you won't pay to use a credit card to book, which gives you the freedom to change. For our advice on which hotel is located in a good location in terms of transportation, jogging, shoping and tours, please contact us. 

We are also launching our service for 2022 Winter Olympics. If you are a fan of winter sports, you may visit our site below. 


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