Stunning Sunset Hike at Lakeside Huanghuacheng

TOUR 1S6:  Amazing Lakeside and Mountain Sunset Views at Huanghuacheng


*Witness something that most travelers never get to see-both the sunrise and sunset over the Great Wall. This natural sensation will take your breath away, and will be one of the most photogenic opportunities of your China visit.

*Astonishing sunset views you can meet at this unspoiled section of the Great Wall by the lakes and between the mountain valleys.

*You will see ZERO crowds in this quiet and beautiful part of the Great Wall. 

*Gourmet Chinese dinner in a very cozy mountain hotel certified by Great Wall Adventure Club featuring organic vegetables and poultry planted and raised locally.

*Extended night camping on the Great Wall is available. You'll see the stars and the moon, and the sunrise from the Wall.  More details are introduced on Huanghucheng Lakeside Camping program page.  


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Your guide will meet you at your hotel at around 11 am (summer) or 10 (other seasons of the year). With a private car/minivan we will head to Huanghuacheng (Yellow Flower Town) section of the Great Wall of China. It takes 2 hours.  

Going to Huanghuacheng Great Wall, you have four things to do at least. First, you should take photos. Since the lake breaks this section of the Great Wall into three segments naturally, its uniqueness might surprise you. And the Huanghuacheng Reservoir lies here, shaped like a curved moon. Second, go to visit the chestnut garden under the Great Wall, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. The ancient chestnut trees still grow very well. Third, climb up the steepest section of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Shibadeng. It is like a dragon, ready to fly into the blue sky. Fourth, look at Yaoziyu Castle. It was built in the Ming Dynasty, still well preserved. In the castle, there is an ancient Chinese scholar tree. It is said that touching it could bring you a blessing.

The highest point of the wall is a broken watchtower, and from there you will have a wide panoramic view of the whole valley. From this summit the Wall dives steeply downwards into the valley. The Gate is located at the bottom, an opening in the wall, which connects the Zhuangdaokou village on the inside, with the still-well-preserved Yaoziyu Castle, built in the Ming Dynasty, on the outside. Over the top of the passageway is another watchtower where we will rest a short while before continuing on. On the inside of the gate you will notice three large characters carved in the stone, indicating the name of the village – ZhuangDaoKou. On the outside is written the name of the passageway - “ZhenNu Pass” - meaning “Defeat to Invaders”, a warning to potential attackers in ancient times.

From here we will continue to trek westward, climbing towards the broken wall to our destination, a peak overlooking Xishuiyu Lake. From our vantage point, we will see a real treat, the broken wall running underwater! From this point, the wall is in too bad a condition to walk, so we will follow a delightful mountain trail to Xishuiyu village. We will meet the sunset there. Please make your camera ready! There is no one else on the Wall at this moment because Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu section is always 100% free of crowds!

In the end, we will have a gourmet country-style Chinese dinner in a restaurant called Times of the Ancient Pass, certified by Great Wall Adventure Club. All vegetables and poultry are planted and raised here locally. 

We'll get back to Beijing at about 8-9 pm.  


The prices are determined according to your needs and preference. Private tour and group tour are both possible.  Seniors, children, veterans and students will receive additional discounts. Other seasonal and holiday discounts are also available.  Please request the price and discounts through the form below or visit our Facebook page

 Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping.  


  1. English tour;
  2. Well-experienced tour guide;
  3. Professional driver;
  4. Nice vehicle;
  5. General admissions included;
  6. Gourmet dinner included;
  7. Free bottled water;
  8. Free membership card;
  9. Hotel pickup & drop-off included;
  10. Airport pickup & drop-off at a low fee;
  11. Private or small group




Private or Semi-private English Tour including private transfers, tickets and meal. Your guide will walk with you for every step from hotel pickup to drop-off and on the Great Wall! 



If you are a solo travelers or are on budget, check this group hiking with sunset tour program for only $129. 

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The green shade is where this trip goes.


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