Shanghai to Great Wall Tour & Beijing

Shanghai to the Great Wall of China by air or bullet train

The most powerful cities in China: Beijing and Shanghai. They have the titles of "Emperor Capital" and "Magic Capital". The distance between the two places is 1249 kilometers. 

At present, there are only three ways to travel from Beijing to Shanghai. 

1. By Air

2. By Daytime Bullet Train (4.5 hours)

3. By overnight bullet train (12 hours)

From a single perspective, the time required to fly from Beijing to Shanghai is the least of the three modes of transportation, but from a comprehensive perspective, it is more recommended to take the high-speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai because the flight is still delayed In all cases, it takes a lot of time to add all the time required. The time taken to watch a plane is greater than the time required to ride a high-speed rail. The overnight train saves your time and one night accommodation, but the train tickets can get sold out fast because there is only one train to go each night. 

The Great Wall Tour from Shanghai

1) We may pick you up from your hotel to the Great Wall or we can meet you at the airport or train station to transfer you to the Great Wall directly. 

2) You may plan to take a short same-day Great Wall hike or sleep overnight on the Great Wall by camping in a watchtower. 

3) We also have the Forbidden City group tour and the Beijing private tour that covers Beijing's top 3 attraction - The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heavan and the Summer Palace. 


The bullet train between Shanghai and Beijing

China's fastest train - "Fuxing" train runs on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour! The 7 sets of trains are: G1 / G2, G3 / G4, G5 / G6, G7 / G8, G9 / G10, G13 / G14, G17 / G18 times. The fastest running time from Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South Railway Station is only 4 Hours 28 minutes, 21 minutes shorter than the fastest speed before.

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