See a different side of China by Walking Deeply into the Great Wall

With our 4-day Great Wall hiking programs and tours, you are sure to get the Great Wall experience of a lifetime! These hikes bring you to all different sorts of Great Wall structures and styles, giving you the full range on one of mankind's most incredible achievements. You can see the classically restored Great Wall with its watchtowers and brick (such as at Jinshanling, Mutianyu, and Shanhaiguan), and you can also explore the rugged ruins of the “wild” wall at Jiankou, Simatai, Gubeikou, and Panlongshan. You can visit the eastern-most point of the Great Wall, or you can see the Great Wall submerged underwater. With the 4-day hikes, each program gives you a different and unique Great Wall encounter. In addition to the Great Wall, these programs also being you some of China's other wonderful cultural imperial heritage. You can visit the East Qing Tombs, a vast complex which is one of China's best burial sites, and which serves as the final resting place for much of the Qing Dynasty. Our trips will also show you a neglected side of China, one that isn’t widely reported in all the stories about China’s economic boom. You’ll have the chance to explore and stay in tiny villages and farmer’s communities that are in the countryside, trying the local delicacies and learning about their long yet fascinating lives during your time there. 

Great Wall 4-day Hikes

4B: Great Wall from Mountain to Underwater (most-requested hike)


The hike will start at Gubeikou, a relatively unvisited part of the Great Wall that is in its natural and unrestored state. After a few hours of hiking we'll pass over into Jinshanling, which will feature some of the most stunning scenery you will see in China. The next day we'll continue the hike at Panlongshan, a strategic point on the Great Wall that is a bit of a challenge due to its steepness and condition. You'll then be driven to the Jiankou Great Wall, which features dramatic peaks and ruins. You'll soon hike over into Mutianyu, one of the most famous and popular sections of Great Wall, but one which has escaped the tackiness of other popular Great Wall spots. The next day, we'll hike at Huanghuacheng featuring classically restored brickwork and the way that it glides and bends across the mountainside and the broken Great Wall running underwater.

4C: Reaching out the easternmost Great Wall from the Ocean


We'll first set out to Qinhuangdao, a pleasant beach area, where you will get to explore Shanhaiguan, which is known as the “First Pass of the World”. During your hike you will pass over into Old Dragon's Head, which is the eastern-most point of the Great Wall, lying just off the Bohai Sea. The next day we'll proceed to the Great Wall at Jiaoshan, which is divided into restored and unrestored sections, and you'll experience both on your walk, allowing you to compare and contrast the two styles. We'll eventually cross over onto the Sandaoguan Great Wall, where some of the wall was built on cliffs at an angle of 90 degrees! Our next hike will start at Dongjiakou, a section of wall more than 600 years old and which features the Cihou Tower- a solid command post with no roof, giving the defenders a 360-degree-view of the whole area. Your last day will conclude with the classic walk at Baiyangyu featuring Great Wall built with marble.

4D: Hike and Camp in best parts of the Great Wall


We start out with a visit to Gubeikou, a strategically important portion of the Great Wall that even saw fighting in the 20th century against the Japanese. We will advance into Jinshanling, which is one the most photographed parts of the Great Wall, and which features watchtowers as far as the eye can see. For the second day, we’ll start from the western end of Simatai, an unrestored section known for its challenging path. We’ll enter Jinshanling from the opposite end that we came yesterday, and for the night we’ll camp out in a Great Wall watchtower, which is sure to be one of your most cherished memories during your time in China. On the third day we’ll make our way to Jiankou, a ruggedly beautiful portion of wall that features stunningly dramatic ruins and steep climbing. Set above in the mountains, the scenery is sure to take your breath away. On the fourth and final day we’ll cross over into Mutianyu, a tastefully restored section which features an incredibly fun toboggan ride on the way down! 

4E: Hike the best of the Great Wall around Beijing


This action-packed program gets started at Gubeikou, a portion of wall long valued for its defensive importance. We’ll trek into Jinshanling, which features rolling hills and watchtowers that dot the horizon. We’ll cross into Jinshanling from the way opposite we came yesterday, and we’ll spend the night camped out in a watchtower, a unique experience to be sure! The scene then shifts to Wohushan and Crouching Tiger Mountain, a route long overlooked by foreign visitors. The path here is dotted by watchtowers, and the rolling land makes for a pleasant walk. We’ll conclude your Great Wall adventure by hiking the Jiankou-Mutianyu trail, which feature stunningly beautiful ruins alongside restored wall that has been photographed in many different publications. 

4X: Hike the Wall from Beijing to Tianjin


This brand new program takes you to the best hiking routes the Great Wall has, including popular standbys like Jiankou-Mutianyu, and Jinshanling-Siamtai. However, what this tour offers that others don't is an opportunity to sleep over on the Great Wall itself! In addition, you'll get to discover Taipaingzhai, an unrestored and beautiful example of Great Wall architecture that is relatively unknown to both domestic and foreign tourists alike. Like all of our tours you'll get your own English-speaking guide and driver, which will give you the opportunity to travel worry-free and enjoy all that the Great Wall has to offer. 

4UX: Iron-man's Trek up to 80 kms daily with all-three nights of camping


This tour is renovated from the former 4A trek with much more challenges of added length and strength of pure walking on the Great Wall for 80 kms within just four days. Particularly, it tackles the two days of trek to the eastern Great Wall for over 1,000 years ago that usually are the parts of the Wall included in our 5-day or longer treks. With such an opportunity to reach out the older Wall, you gain a vast amount of knowledge of the historic meaning of the Great Wall of the yesterday. You'll also camp three consecutive nights on the Great Wall like ancient warriors.

4S: Self-guided Hike

Jinshanling Great Wall

We designed this new program to offer our guests a full-range day by day hiking and one or two nights of camping by using our professional local teams and guides at the Great Wall rather than using an English-speaking guide. By that, this 4-day trek is generally $100 or more cheaper than other 4-day programs. Find out more by clicking the button below. 

Complimentary Airport Drop-off


For any 4-day trek you are booking, please do let us know your flight details and give us a chance to see you off. Thank you for using Great Wall Adventure Club!

Food on the Road


Tasting authentic Chinese food is of no less importance than walking on the Wall for four days. We'll offer you a chance to survey the best northern Chinese food along the Great Wall. 


Truly a great experience!

"It was a great idea to book this type of adventure. I had no idea what to expect. My guide was Oliver. Great guy with good knowledge of the area and history. Beside of that he was funny too. It was great time spent together with him during these three days of hiking. I can tell that specially third day was difficult in the beginning. For me, the guy working behind the desk it could be even more problematic, but it wasn't!. I am proud of myself that I was able to "survive" this trip without any issues. I have camera full of great pictures and had full of great memories from this adventure. We've seen many interesting things. I liked the farmer's house hotel we stayed over night. The room was clean, nicely prepared for us, clean bathroom and even draperies in the window.. Even there was a tv and Wi-Fi(!). By the way, I was too tired to watch the tv. The second night we spent in the great wall tower sleeping in the tents! That was amazing experience.

Thanks Oliver, thanks the Driver!

I recommend this attraction to everybody!!!"

-  romanpiekosz , Chicago on TripAdvisor.   

Date of experience: 8 May, 2018 

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Our past guests were able to meet the challenge of the wall with bravery and determination, and now they can be a part of our Great Wall Adventure Club Hall of Fame! Gongxi ni! (Congratulations!) 

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