Great Wall Hike at Jinshanling & Simatai with Camping

TOUR A20: The affordable group hike and private camping at the most famous Jinshanling and Simatai

TOUR PRICE: $259 flat rate

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* If you are looking for breathtaking views with a relatively more affordable walk, then this hike will be right up your alley! 

* Catch stunning views and meet NO crowds on great rolling terrain.

* 3-3.5 hours of walking on the Great Wall at Jinshanling

* 2-3 hours of walking on the Great Wall at Simatai

* Walk from the restored part to the original wide side, covering the best three sections of the Great Wall.

* Flat rate program in English withi discounts for more than one members of your party

* Group size varies from 5 people to 35 people depending on the signups of each day 

* Lunch, dinner and breakfast are included. 

* Camp on the Great Wall at night to experience what the ancient warriors could do.

* Bonus tour to Gubei Watertown 

* Last-minute signup is OK, even past midnight. There is NO deadline

* Available every day!

Covered by the Price

* Group transport on a coach bus;

* Private car transfers between Jinshanling and Gubeikou sections;

* Bread and water for those who do not have time to take the breakfast on Day 1;

* Restaurant lunch and dinner;

* Continental breakfast on Day 2;

* Bottled water;

* General admissions to the Great Wall sections and the Watertown;

* Camping gears (tent, sleeping bag and mattress)

* English-speaking guide on Day 1 hike.

* Free morning pickup if your hotel is within the 2nd Ring Road (Loop). If you stay outside this radius, please go to our meeting point at Chaoyangmen Subway Station, a very easy place to get together.

(Private hotel transfer is $19 per car if you stay outside the loop.)

Day 1: Hiking at Jinshanling and Gubeikou with Camping


Jinshanling-West Simatai Hike

7:20 am: Meet at Chaoyangmen Subway Station Exit A. Depart for Jinshanling Great Wall. 


10:00 am: Arrive at Jinshanling. Today's hike takes about 3.5 hours at Jinshanling and across to West Simatai or called "Second Valley," also a part of Jinshanling. Around Jinshanling, the tributaries of the Chaohe River pass from the north. Water, turned into steam, was blown in by the north wind, adding vitality to the mountain and injecting aura into the Great Wall. The interaction between mountains and water has created the rainy summer in Jinshanling, frequent rainbows, and unique thunder and lightning, which has created the vast winter snow and the sea of clouds, which are all so captivating. Many beautiful photos of the Great Wall come from here, which photographers call "the studio of the Great Wall."

The area around Jinshanling was the main site of Gyeonggi and was also the front line of the war. The Ming Dynasty built Jinshanling at any cost. Absorbing the experience of former past dynasties, bringing together the best of all roads, Jinshanling has a complete defense system and well-preserved facilities. It can be called the essence of the Great Wall of China, the ancient defense museum.

2:00 pm: Gourmet lunch at a local restaurant at the foot of the Great Wall. 


Camping on the Great Wall

3:00 pm: Our local staff will transfer you from Jinshanling to GubeikouGreat Wall. 

4:00 -5:30 pm: Watch the magnificent sunset at Gubeikou. Gubeikou is a dangerous place. In the middle of Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, the mountain is steep, but it is only 100 kilometers away from Beijing. It has been a key site in Kyoto since ancient times. In the north of Beijing's Yanshan, the Chaoyang River canyons are opened in the mountains and mountains, so it is known as the northeast gateway of Beijing. Ming Dynasty poet Tang Shunzhi wrote a poem saying, "The cities are all in the mountains, and the city's crown mountain is the bird's nest. At this point, the warrior is thinking, and the sky is high, and the sky is bowing.

6:30-7:30: Have a gourmet Chinese dinner in our camping headquarter, a farmotel. Our local guide will walk with you to the watchtower called "The General's Tower" to set up the tent with you. The tent, sleeping bag, and mattress are provided. In cold weather, doubled sleeping bags are offered to allow you to have a good sleep at a low temperature. You'll enjoy the rest of the night under the stars and the Moon inside the tower.

5:30 am: Wake up and welcome the beautiful sunrise that is only possible to watch by sleeping on the Wall. Take lots of photos if you can. You can fly a drone here if you wish.  

6:30 am Continental breakfast. 

Day 2: Hiking at Simatai and Watertown Tour


Simatai Great Wall Hike

10 am: Our local staff will transfer you to the entrance of Gubei Watertown. You will meet with another tour guide who is handing over you the Watertown ticket, including the Simatai tour. You will start your tour by yourself inside the Watertown.  

The entire Simatai Great Wall is built according to the steep mountains, known for its danger, denseness, strangeness, ingenuity, and all.

Danger: It means that it is built on the ridge of a knife and ax.

Dense: Refers to the distance between enemy buildings. The two enemy buildings are tens of meters away from each other, but the range is only 300 meters.

Strange: It refers to the steep and majestic mountains of the Simatai Great Wall, and there is a lagoon at the bottom of the mountain (a cold spring and a hot spring meet).

Qiao: Qiao is reflected on the barrier wall of the battalion.

Full: refers to the strange and diverse architectural styles of the towers and enemy buildings

A fantastic section characterized by the delicate and unique design and diversified structures, it incorporates a variety of the styles of other parts of the Great Wall, Simatai is reputed as the Museum of the Great Wall. Besides its picturesque landscapes, Simatai is also a treasure of historical and cultural heritage.  

You may walk and climb to the watchtower #5 and hike from there, or you can take the cable car to go up or down with extra fee.


Gubei Watertown Tour

Situated in Gubeikou Town of Miyun County in Beijing, Gubei Water Town surrounds the beautiful Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and leans against the Simatai Great Wall, the most dangerous and majestic section of the entire Great Wall. Regarded as 'Wuzhen in Beijing,' Gubei Water Town boasts a combination of mountains, water, and ancient villages.

The water town is built on the former five subnatural villages of Simatai Village at the foot of Simatai Great Wall. The Simatai village was developed from Simatai Castle built during the reign of Emperor Wanli ( 1573 -1620 ) in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

The scenic area is renovated and reconstructed based on the original five natural villages. It has preserved 430,000 square meters of a beautiful mountain courtyard building in the style of the Republic of China.

3:30 pm: You will get on our coach bus to return to Beijing. You will be dropped at Dongzhimen Bus Terminal, where you can transfer to Subway Line 2 or other city buses to go back to your hotel. Your guide can give you further directions on the bus. 

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