OFF-THE-BEATEN 4 to 7-DAY Great Wall Trekking

3-day Treks


 If you want to take and extended break from the hustle and bustle of Beijing and explore the natural and cultural beauties of northern China, than these 3-day Great Wall programs are sure to have what you're looking for. For these 3-day routes, you will get an extended and up-close-and-personal view of the Great Wall. Here you will get the classic Great Wall hikes, like Jinshanling-Simatai and Jiankou-Mutianyu. But here you will go beyond the standard hiking route and into some of the more unknown areas of the Great Wall. 


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4-day Treks


 With our 4-day Great Wall hiking programs and tours, you are sure to get the Great Wall experience of a lifetime! These hikes bring you to all different sorts of Great Wall structures and styles, giving you the full range on one of mankind's most incredible achievements.   Our trips will also show you a neglected side of China, one that isn’t widely reported in all the stories about China’s economic boom. You’ll have the chance to explore and stay in tiny villages and farmer’s communities that are in the countryside, trying the local delicacies and learning about their long yet fascinating lives during your time there.  





5-day Treks


These tours are designed in mind for those serious Great Wall hikers who have a little more time on their hands than the average traveler. In addition to the Great Wall you'll also get to take in some of China's lesser-known sites and explore the Chinese countryside, where the majority of China's population lives. You'll get a brief insight into how people truly live in China, which is a stark contrast away from the big cities. You'll get to interact with villagers, try the local countryside cuisines, and sleep in their homes, making for a truly authentic experience!






6 to 7-day Treks


These epic journeys are composed for the ultimate Great Wall enthusiast.  These hikes require you to be in good physical condition, so please be aware of how much you can handle. While these hikes are tough physically, you will gain a greater understanding of the Great Wall and its original strategic purpose, as well as a wonderful tour of rural  Chinese culture and nature. Some programs even take you out to the wall’s eastern-most point where the Great Wall meets the Yellow Sea. All these hikes contain the beautiful and majestic ruins of a Great Wall unrestored, along with glimpses of a restored Great Wall with grand watchtowers and spectacular brickwork. 




9 to 10-day treks


These full-length tours are designed for those who want a greater understanding of the Great Wall while also enjoying the sights of Beijing. These hikes are for serious trekkers, as we will be through all sorts of rugged terrain, as well as some classically restored sections. The hikes also include the beautiful natural scenery of Northern China, as we will also make our way through local villages, waterfalls, and mountains.  You also have the option of touring the greatest sights of Beijing once back from the hike. These tours also includes free pickup and drop off at the airport and your hotel. 




12 days Great Wall Treks


 A Great Wall hike that starts at its easternmost point and finishes at Beijing, this tour is the deluxe treatment. This program has all the Great Wall you could ever want, along with side trips to the East Qing Tombs, local villages, and museums. This tour combines every possible aspect of the Great Wall, from ruined towers to imposing fortresses. Once back in Beijing you will be presented with a juicy Peking Duck dinner in honor of all the hard work you put in. In Beijing you also have the option of taking our excellent city tours, and you may choose to visit any attraction you so desire. This tour also includes pick up and drop off at the airport.  




Great Wall Trekking Full Map from Beijing to the Ocean

Where are we going?

Our Great Wall treks are typically covering the original Great Wall sections from Beijing to Shanhaiguan, the eastmost part of the Great Wall by the Yellow Sea. 

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Great Wall Adventure Club is the perfect guide for your Great Wall hiking and camping. 


"Fantastic Group"

"I highly recommend this group to everyone. If you you have a choice ask for Oliver. we did a 7 day hike and he went above and beyond. Oliver was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. one of my best trips ever and I have him to thank. any questions you may have the company is quick to respond and I appreciate that greatly. thank you great wall adventure club!"

-  Julisa C, San Diego, USA. on TripAdvisor.  Date of experience: September 2018 

"We just completed the 4B hike on the Great Wall, then a two day trip to Xi'an with this company. They were very well organized, and the trip did not disappoint. Great Wall Adventure Club made booking the trip easy and quickly responded to all of our questions during the planning process, as well as tailoring the itinerary to our specific requests. The hike was fantastic, camping in a watch tower was amazing and the food was authentic and delicious. Our Great Wall tour guide Danny was really friendly and knowledgeable, and made this experience unforgettable for us, and our driver was friendly and good. There is no way we would have been able to experience the Great Wall this way on our own... 

- Robin M, Ottawa, Canada on TripAdvisor.  Date of experience: April 2014 

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